Polygraphs for Infidelity

When trust is lost in a relationship, it could take years to recover. In many cases the evidence of infidelity is not definitive, and trust is broken so clients verify the truth through an infidelity polygraph test. 

These tests help determine if someone had sexual contact with anyone else besides his or her partner. Other related items may include questions about dating, kissing, having contact with ex partners or visiting strip clubs. Cheating doesn’t always include sexual contact with other individuals. 

Infidelity can also include sexual activities conducted via the internet, sexual text messages, visits to pornographic sits, dating sites, chat rooms, interactive sexual web sites, etc. Many clients who take our infidelity polygraphs report that they feel as if they are “stuck” in their relationship. They can’t move forward because they feel like their spouse has cheated or in other cases they are being accused of cheating when, in reality, they have not been unfaithful.  Our polygraphs help you verify and establish a baseline of truth in your relationship, so couples can make the decisions they need to move forward.

Polygraphs can also be an incredible tool if you or someone you love is struggling with sex addiction. “The end result of using polygraphs is behavioral transparency,” says Dr. Douglas Weiss, the President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy. He states, “a recovering sex addict will be less likely to act out because the shame is gone, their secret world is revealed, and they can start to feel good about themselves again by establishing a baseline of trust with their partner.”

Sex Addiction Polygraphs give sex and pornography addicts the opportunity to tell their spouse or partner the truth, remove guilt, shame, and the anxiety of discovery. The polygraphs also give the partner the opportunity to verify that they know the truth.

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