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Truth is important. It helps us know what is real. We can trust truthful information. We use truth as a starting place to define our world, environment, and perspective. Truth is even more important when treating sex addiction. 

Polygraphs, also known as the lie detector test, is an excellent resource to find healing and recovery for sex addicts and partners. Before you can heal, you must know, acknowledge, and verify the truth. 

Sex addiction is a secret world that is usually locked away to everyone except for the sex addict. Sure, you may get a glimpse here and there. You might see a text message, phone call, email, or receipt, but the majority of the sexual behavior is never going to come into the light without finding out the truth. Sometimes the spouse doesn’t even know that a lie detector test is an option.

When you are dealing with hidden sexual behavior, addiction, manipulation, and deceptiveness, it can be hard to get to the bottom of what is actually going on. Polygraphs help you discern the truth between what you think is going on, what your partner or spouse tells you is going on, and what is actually going on.

Polygraphs can significantly help you if you or someone you love is struggling with sex addiction. The end result of using polygraphs is behavioral transparency. A recovering sex addict will be less likely to act out because the shame is gone, their secret world is revealed, and they can feel good about themselves again.

Dr. Doug Weiss Explains How Polygraphs Help with Infidelity and Sex Addiction Treatment

Doug Weiss, Ph.D., is a nationally known author, speaker and licensed psychologist and has been featured as an expert guest on national television shows such as Dr. Phil, Oprah, Good Morning America, and The Doctors.

Dr. Doug uses polygraphs in his private practice for sex addiction treatment, clients, and counselors.

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