Clear Your Name

How can a polygraph or lie detector test help you clear your good name and have peace-of-mind?

False accusations can and do destroy lives! When your reputation is under attack you may not know how to fight back. The result of these often unfounded and/or malicious allegation can have a severe detrimental effect on your life. With the lack of any physical evidence, it can boil down to your word against your accuser’s. Clearing your good name in this case can be very difficult.

We deal with many people in these situations. Often, through no fault of their own, they find their life has been turned upside down. Unfortunately in many situations there can be a predisposition by others to presume these allegations to be true instead of presuming innocence until proven guilty.

The physical effect’s a person can suffer due to false allegations include anxiety, anxiousness, agitation, sleeplessness, depression and even thoughts of suicide. They may feel angry, shocked, lose confidence, and suffer emotional and physical trauma. This may lead to problems with work which can lead to severe financial stresses. The person’s reputation may be damaged and they may have to spend a lot of time, energy, and money trying to clear their name.

A polygraph test, also known as a lie detector test, can help you rebuilt your reputation and relieve some of the physical and emotional effects. The ability to prove you are being truthful in a matter, can improve your day-to-day life and let you get a good night’s sleep again.

When you are wrongly accused in the absence of corroborative evidence, a polygraph can help you clear your name.

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